We've turned a legacy into a mission.


In mid-April 2016, Dr. Ekopimo O. Ibia was diagnosed with a rare disease called AL amyloidosis after months of vague symptoms. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came too late for quick and successful treatment. He died on June 14, 2016 having contributed much to the field of pharmaceutical regulatory science and positively affected the lives of many in the United States, Nigeria and elsewhere around the world.

Ekopimo Ibia Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to extending Dr. Ibia’s vision in three ways:

  1. Promoting the provision and improvement of basic health services among the underprivileged in the impoverished developing world, beginning in Nigeria

  2. Offering health education and supporting medical research in diverse communities in the United States, to bring about early diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases like amyloidosis

  3. Increasing mental health awareness in the United States, with an aim to ending the stigma surrounding related conditions

With these efforts, the foundation is bridging the gap between the underserved and quality healthcare.


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